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StarStation Aurora

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by roguemorgan
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
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The following deck plan was included in the Star*Drive adventure Convergence. (Originally published in Dungeon #68.) The story was written by Christopher Perkins and the cartography was credited to Diesel. In the interest of providing as much material to the Alternity community as possible, I modeled directly after Diesel’s image and created original artwork of my own, which I can legally, and hereby do, open to the public without running afoul of copyright issues.

I used CorelDraw for the deck plan and anyone who has software than can manipulate these .cdr files is welcome to them, as the individual objects that make up the image can be expanded and reused to more quickly create and customize new station. My only modification of the original design is to add color, the original was a grayscale image. Contact me through for the .cdr files.

I realize this is “only” a deck plan; I am posting it now for those folks who want a location to do with as they please.

Note: I simply recreated what he designed, for better or worse.


Note: Following up comments, I realized the original bar scale was incorrectly sized. This has been corrected. RM

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User comments [3]

StarStation Aurora

, rating: 80 June 23, 2010

I like the see-all feeling, and the sense of size it conveys.

StarStation Aurora

, rating: 89 June 24, 2010

It's a good clean drawing. No doubt some of the symbols will be more meaningful when combined with the key text and description contained in the adventure.

Interesting that a station this size has separate bars for the military and residents.

StarStation Aurora

, rating: - June 25, 2010

Thanks for re-issuing the deck plan on a smaller scale.

An amusing thought came into my mind, for using both versions.

The former (larger-scale) would apply where construction and material costs were critical (reminiscent of modern Japanese urban dwellings), resulting in more cramped but still efficient spaces.

The latter (smaller-scale) would apply where the grandeur of size was affordable (reminiscent of huge Russian cargo planes).

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