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Stingray-class fighter

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Spaceman_Spiff
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Included are three variants (an interceptor, fighter-bomber, and missile variation) of a PL 7 fighter, using Warships rules. Let me know what you think!

The Stingray-class fighter was originally designed as an anti-small craft interceptor, intended in particular for counter-fighter combat. To this end, the ship is designed around a powerful engine to provide higher than average acceleration and maneuverability for a crucial edge in high-speed dogfights against enemy fighters.

The superior engine performance came at the cost of its highly accurate, but small armament, however, and a later, fighter-bomber variant was designed, with a smaller engine and the addition of a bombing capacity, to increase its lethality against larger ships.

The fighter-bomber design was not as successful as anticipated, however, as its smaller engine resulted in a loss of its edge in anti-fighter combat, and its small bomb capacity and light armor made it only marginally successful against larger ships. On top of this, the variant was slightly underpowered and proved to be unable to power all of its systems at once.

The lack of success of the fighter-bomber variant resulted in the Stingray design team going back to the blueprints in an attempt to design a more successful variant that had the ability to engage larger ships. The result was the missile variant of the Stingray-class fighter, which kept its original powerful engine, but traded its x-ray laser for a missile rack.

While the fighter-bomber variant remains popular with militaries and militias on a budget who approve of its cost-saving, multi-purpose abilities, the missile variant has indeed proven to be a superior design, with twice the warhead-carrying capability of the fighter-bomber variant and the powerful acceleration and maneuverability of the anti-fighter variant.

The missile variant has proven perfect for hit and run tactics, while its powerful acceleration and maneuverability also allows it to linger, avoiding less nimble enemy fighters as it waits for a gap in the defenses to allow it to strike its larger target.

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User comments [3]

Stingray-class fighter

, rating: 90 October 16, 2009

Nice work.

Stingray-class fighter

, rating: - October 22, 2009

Thanks! :)

Stingray-class fighter

, rating: 95 March 18, 2010

i love the missile armed version... i'm putting them (with the updated tech rules) on my star mech flag ship .. good job

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