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Talpa RSC-E

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by myrpg
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Talpa is a small, cost effective, and effective short range in system tug. Its design allows it to tow, up to Transport sized, spaceships to low or high orbit shipyards for a repair and refinement. However, it is not capable of landing into planetâs surface or fly in oneâs atmosphere. The ship has also low output for power so most of the systems need to be shutdown while some other equipment is used. The crew of the ship usually consists of two members: a pilot and an onboard engineer for quick on location repairs. The ship has also a wide variety of sensor and communication equipment to find those in great despair in the void of space, with broken or malfunctioning systems.


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User comments [1]

Talpa RSC-E

, rating: 75 July 20, 2009

Nice work, Myrpg, but there is a problem.

Fusion torch engines and a tow cable. The engines would destroy both the cable and whatever is behind the vessel for hundreds of kilometers.

Also, tow cables would make it exceedingly dangerous and difficult to control the vessel being towed. Perhaps scrap the cable and go with some heavy-duty docking clamps.

Just some friendly criticism, no malice intended.


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