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Apoc's house Warships Systems

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by apoc527
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Another oops. This is the companion rules to the massive and constantly updated Apoc's Star*Drive Ship Design Sheet. This sheet hopefully explains the extra systems you see in there. If not, I should update it again.

As a word of thanks, some of the systems in this file were undoubtedly created by other denizens, though I've long lost track of exactly where they came from. I know that when I helped ShadowPriest with his Warships House Systems Contest a few years ago, I compiled all of the submissions. Some of these systems came from there and I thank their authors, whoever you are!

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Apoc's house Warships Systems

, rating: 35 March 13, 2011

really needs actual stats for many of the systems, example none of the STL Engines or Power Plants has any working data.

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