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Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by apoc527
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 97/100 - 14 comments - 2934 Downloads

Ok everyone. Here's my Ship Design Sheet (with original work done by Aazzen, don't want to forget that!) that is more or less totally modified from the original. I've added Atmospheric Streamlining (based upon several threads in the Spaceships forum), variable quality engines (if you don't like them, just use "Good" -- that's the standard equipment), variable quality sensors (this time Ordinary is the standard), and a bunch of extrapolated weapon systems ("Mass bore" is scary). I've also tweaked weapon stats almost across the board.

This is what I use for my S*D game. YMMV and I make no guarantees.

UPDATE -- 2/22/08

*Lots of new additions, too numerous to list. Look around, you'll find new material, such as new ordnance launchers, new missile types, etc. Also included is a new PL7 sensor system, the Passive Sensor Array, essentially combining some PL6 sensors into a more space efficient package, but not as good as PL8 CE Passive Array. This version adds some unfortunately unfinished PL8 weapons. They are experimental and I will eventually upload a completed sheet.

For Maverick, I will work on loading Chapter 6 materials, but that may take some time as I generally don't have a need to design space stations. It could be done basically now by using a Custom Hull and simply setting the hull to 50,000 or more hull points.


-----1/10/2009 Update-----
This update corrects some bugs (though I'm sure there are still some in here) and just generally provides the community with the most up-to-date version of the sheet I've been using and modifying for going on 4 years now (!!).

-----3/15/10 Update-------

I made sure that Automation and Heavy Automation add to crew size. Now, you'll just have to remember that the crew size isn't as large as it might be because the sheet makes no distinction between real crew and fake crew. I suppose I could do that, but I'm not that motivated right now. :-)

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User comments [14]

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 100 February 13, 2008

Awesome, makes building things easier.

Any chance of adding things from Chapter 6?

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: - February 23, 2008

Excellent improvement, see the forums for my Chapter 6 comment.

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 100 September 28, 2008

Anyone who can make a functional, easy-to-use, spreadsheet for making warships is a-ok in my book!

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 100 November 16, 2008

it's ENORMOUS! and still enough clear to be used! this will help me a lot man!

but why are the "bonus space" values different from warships?
have I missed a forum thread or something where it was discussed?

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: - November 16, 2008

ehm, the bonus hull points value in the hull page (just to specify the exact place)

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: - November 17, 2008

ah and the power plants! some create to much power compared to warships. was that intentional?

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: - January 10, 2009

Sorry, someone_else, I have failed miserably to reply to these comments. Yes, this sheet is replete with my tweaks and changes to Warships. I believe somewhere on here is one of my generic Warships builder sheets which keeps Warships intact. This sheet makes changes to hull sizes, hull bonus points, power plant efficiency, adds grades of sub-light engines, different sizes of sensor and comm suites...all kinds of stuff!

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 90 June 04, 2009

I have yet to actually put it to use, but it certainly looks darn useful!

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 95 October 10, 2009

Awesome work. It took me a bit to figure out how to work it (a "how to" or more comments on the sheet would be helpful), but saves a tremendous amount of time. I haven't located the standard Warships builder sheet, though, and would love to have access to that one, too.

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: - October 16, 2009

the "standard" sheet is here:

be warned, some of the weapons have been tinkered with. XD

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 95 March 14, 2010

The last couple versions the crew resources didn't seem to work properly. The Automation and Heavy Automation didn't seem to kick into the equation of how many crew the ship actually needs to run.

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 95 March 25, 2010

Very impressive. I enjoy using this worksheet for the design of my own Star*Drive ships.

I have found some minor errors on the pages and would like to provide some feedback. What would be the best option for that?

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: - May 02, 2013

Not sure if anyone else has noticed but the first engine entry for total power (F41) doesn't multiply the hull points by the number of engines entered in cell N41 of the design sheet. If you compare the formula in cell F41 to F42, F43 and F44 you will see what I am talking about.

Star*Drive Warships Design Sheet

, rating: 99 May 02, 2013

Also if increasing the number of engines increases the amount of power used why doesn't it increase the ships acceleration? This spreadsheet is great by the way!

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