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Fargo-Class Hauler

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by blacksunrunner
Setting : any Progress Level: 7
Rating: 94/100 - 4 comments - 944 Downloads

My first submission and attempt at a complete ship. A civilian hauler that I designed for Waves in the Black and A jolly little ship for a party of PCs or NPCs. Enjoy!

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User comments [4]

Fargo-Class Hauler

, rating: 93 May 21, 2006

Very nice graphics. The idea of unspent hull points is a useful addition.

I think I would want to increase the FTL range a bit.

Fargo-Class Hauler

, rating: - May 21, 2006

Thank you. If you increase your power source with the unspent points; for every 10 additional power points generated you get an additional 1LY range. It doesn't mention [anywhere that I can find] whether you can simply build a bigger stardrive unit to increase range...

Fargo-Class Hauler

, rating: 95 August 20, 2006

I like this design. It has a good respect for cargo space, although I'd like to see more. The design is very "Serenity" style, with the catwalks and ladders. Overall a very good design.

Fargo-Class Hauler

, rating: 95 January 24, 2018

Great job! Love the graphics too.

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