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The following deckplan was included in the Star*Drive adventure Convergence originally published in Dungeon #68. The story was wrtten by Christopher Perkins and the cartography was credited to ââ¬Å"Dieselââ¬Â. In the interest of providing as much material to the Alternity comminuity as possible, I modeled directly after Dieselââ¬â¢s image and created ââ¬Å"original artworkââ¬Â of my own, which I can legally, and hereby do, open to the public ââ¬â without running afoul of copyright issues. I used CorelDraw for the deckplan, anyone who has software than can maniplulate these .cdr files, is welcome to them, as the individual objects that make up the image can be expanded and reused to more quickly create and customize new vessels.

My only modification of the original desgin is to add color, the original was a grayscale image, and translate the original ââ¬Å"bar scaleââ¬Â into a grid superimposed over the floor tiles to aid gameplay, especially for combat or minuature use.

Contact me through for the .cdr files, this resource will be offered for upload on once it returns as this was originally a Star*Drive resource. I am including the stats and damage/compartment table for the GM who wishes to modify and/or reuse this hull design.

Note: The cartographer used similar engine and ââ¬Å"nose-coneââ¬Â elements on both vessels for that article. I simply recreated what he designed, for better or worse.


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, rating: 90 March 05, 2006

Nicely done, the colors bring it a little more to life. I ran Convergence many years ago so this brings back some good memories.

Minor nitpick - there are no doors to compartment #5, and the only way to compartment #4 is to go up the one lift to the upper deck and take the other lift down. Is that consistent with the original?


, rating: - March 05, 2006


Thanks; I was hoping the colors would add something. I just uploaded a corrected image, the door from compartment #4 to #5 was there but was not visible, and it is now. As far as the "up and over" way to get to Engineering (#4), yes that is consistent the original design.

Thanks for keeping me honest.



, rating: 90 March 10, 2006

I like this one, it has more design elements then the other. The "empty wings" syndrome we tend to see with starships from TSR is evident, but that's ok, we're used to it.


, rating: 95 March 21, 2006

Thanks, Dave. I've always liked this deckplan, even if it is for a VoidCorp ship.



, rating: 99 January 18, 2018

Makes for better games when ships have diagrams

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