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29 Warships, PDF Collection

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by apoc527
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 95/100 - 2 comments - 975 Downloads

29 Spaceships by apoc527 using stock Warships rules.

Albatross-class Heavy Bomber
Ballista-class Frigate
Battlecruiser - Inceptor-class
Corvette - Bolter-class
Corvette - Lancet-class
Corvette - Scalpel-class
Destiny-Class Armored Cruiser
Destroyer - Javelin-class
Destroyer - Sledge-class
Frigate - Phalanx-class
Frigate - Pulsar-class
Frigate - Spartan-class
Gladius-class Corvette
Heavy Cruiser - Fusion-class
Heavy Cruiser - Honor-class
Hive-class Strike Carrier
Jackal-class Fighter
Justice-class Heavy Cruiser
Light Cruiser - Stonewall-class
Longbow-class Light Cruiser
Nagasaki-class Battlecruiser
Perseus-class Gunboat
Predator-class Destroyer
Rampart-class Frigate
Scythe-class Torpedo Bomber
Seahorse-class Light Carrier
Spartan-class Heavy Fighter
Tartarus-class Strike Fighter
Taurus-class Missile Cruiser

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User comments [2]

29 Warships, PDF Collection

, rating: 95 June 24, 2009

Very Nice. If you don't mind, I'm going to *attempt* to update these to use your house rules, since my fleet battles group uses that spreadsheet.

29 Warships, PDF Collection

, rating: - November 25, 2009

Nice job! Were these updated to your house rules, though? Because they don't seem to exactly follow stock Warships rules...

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