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Fleet Carrier, Rising Sun-class

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Aazzen
Setting : any Progress Level: 7
Rating: 91/100 - 2 comments - 1244 Downloads

This is a fleet carrier designed to support 70 fighters (plus some other craft).

Fixed a few typoes (i had forgotten to include some of the dedicated computers)

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User comments [2]

Fleet Carrier, Rising Sun-class

, rating: 90 April 11, 2010

Very nice work. I would have liked to read more about the history of the ships. I'm glad you included each type of craft carried as part of the file. It made for a more complete picture of what the ship is capable of doing.

Fleet Carrier, Rising Sun-class

, rating: 91 September 22, 2012

Very good-looking and complete. I'd be interested also in how these ships might fit into a setting (not necessarily any of those published, just who might build them and where they might fit within a fleet).

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