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Geronimo-class Tradeship

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Synther
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 83/100 - 6 comments - 1355 Downloads

Aging Tradeship from the 1st Galactic War, with options for updates. Another Aliens recreation. In GMG/Starships format.

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User comments [6]

Geronimo-class Tradeship

, rating: - October 12, 2004

I already found a typo in my Option 2. I'll correct and update soon.

Geronimo-class Tradeship

, rating: 80 October 12, 2004

First off, let me give it a rating. I really like the idea of the "old, quirky ship" still earning its keep.

Now, speaking of typoes, you seem to be having some trouble with tabs. If I may ask, what prog are you using?

Geronimo-class Tradeship

, rating: - October 12, 2004

I use Word 97, Excel 97 and PDF995. I've noticed that PDF995 has a tendancy to mess up some of the fonts. In a netbook I'm working on, Ariel 8pt font consistently gets additional spaces or jams characters together after the document has been printed to PDF format. I'm definitely looking into that part of the problem. What issues with tabs were you speaking of?

Geronimo-class Tradeship

, rating: - October 13, 2004

How ironic. I use Open Office and it has the opposite problem. The fonts look terrible in the document, but beautiful in PDF.

The "Roll", "Compartment" and "Dur" columns are off kilter from their headings. "Systems" lines up perfectly. Actually, every page is exactly the same that way. It could just be my 'puter acting up, but I don't recall ever having a problem with PDFs before.

Looks like lots of people have taken a look, maybe they can offer an opinion to help clear this up...

Geronimo-class Tradeship

, rating: 87 October 14, 2004

As I am a fan of Star Wars like Millenium Falcon, a true oldsmobile of it´s time, I give this ship design and idea the rating 87. The problem with pdf-making will be solved. I´m sure.

It is a good thought that starships won´t age as fast as many other space objects. Most ships are made for function, not look. And if the ship has a history that is known, then the price-tag could be as legendary as the ship in it self.

Well written. Inspiring. Very nice!

Geronimo-class Tradeship

, rating: - October 14, 2004

Well thank you!

I've found the problem in PDF995. As to correcting it...ehhh. It seems that PDF995 uses a font replacement system. For the Ariel font, it uses Helvatica, and it seemst the two don't really get along. I'm going to try replacing it with Courier and see what happens. :/

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