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The Battle of Byron - 17 March, 2468

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by alitar
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An excerpt from the "Free Grid Encyclopedia of War", a compendium compiled by the most eminent indipendent historians and military analysts of the galaxy.
Here follows the detailed history (with tactics, ships and commanders) of the famous Thuldan/Solar clash that in the March of 2468 decided a critical moment of the concluding Second Galactic War.

***Any comment will be appreciated, expecially because i dont know if i will continue, both with new chapters of "Battles of GWII", both with another almost completed work: the "Aerospace Fighters Compendium" (soon to come?) and a "Warship compendium", featuring crafts old and new.
Cooperators are welcome.

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The Battle of Byron - 17 March, 2468

, rating: 99 February 25, 2002

This an excellent story. Kept me riveted for more or less the entire document. The prologue set up the story very well, and the details of the battle were excellent. You had enough to detail so I could understand all that was happening, but not so much I got bored. The epilogue was a nice touch, explaining the repercussions of the battle.

All in all, a great read. Keep it up, I'd love to read more, and maybe contribute one or two myself.

The Battle of Byron - 17 March, 2468

, rating: - March 12, 2002

Your comments really hit me!! I deeply appreciate your words, and it keeps me willed to write surely more and to do better! I'd be more than happy if you'd contribute yourself (and all the others Alternity-buddies are invited!) with more "Battles of GWII"...We can build a nice compendium together...maybe even with data-sheets of the various ships, etc.
Let's go on!

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