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S*D Business list

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Vladimir
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 73/100 - 4 comments - 1106 Downloads

**UPDATED**A compilation of businesses taken from every printed source available (minus novels). A quick referance for GMs who like the mercantile aspect of the game. Alphabetized.

**ADDITION** added personnel listing by system.

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User comments [4]

S*D Business list

, rating: 70 October 07, 2003

pretty handy

S*D Business list

, rating: 70 December 04, 2006

Very handy... But I'd like to see a "notes" section detailing what they do/are like/etc. How they are portrayed, anyway.

Would be a bit of work, though.

S*D Business list

, rating: 78 March 26, 2011

Good idea - I thought I had seen something like this around.

S*D Business list

, rating: 75 January 21, 2018

A handy reference tool, to be sure. I would love to see more detail, such as more info on any known products and not just their industry and other flavor details. Good work.

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