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Artists and Truck Drivers

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
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Two more Supporting Cast templates to add to those in the Gamemaster's Guide Chapter 6 - the Pilot and Artist/Writer. These templates were written for Dark.Matter but could be used over a range of campaign settings. Update: skills, consideration for PL 7 for Pilot

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User comments [5]

Artists and Truck Drivers

, rating: 95 July 14, 2001

Cool stuff. As good as they come. We need more of these.

Artists and Truck Drivers

, rating: 90 July 16, 2001

Cool stuff. Probably could have given the amazing guys more ranks / levels, not sure.

Artists and Truck Drivers

, rating: - July 18, 2001

I think the Artist is all right, but you have a good point about the Pilot. I'll do an update, add some Acrobatics skills and higher ranks in driving.

Artists and Truck Drivers

, rating: - July 21, 2001

Maybe you should reconsider the Marginal Pilot? It could be useful for cinematic campaigns, and probably others as well. Pilot-in-training maybe?

Artists and Truck Drivers

, rating: - July 30, 2001

I have posted a .pdf version, converted by PÃ¥l Wilhelmsen, to my website:

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