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Medical freighter

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by DLH002
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 85/100 - 2 comments - 705 Downloads

A general support ship that can be found at the center of any fleet functioning as a mobile field hospital for the fleet.

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Medical freighter

, rating: 85 December 14, 2003

Don't take this as an insult or attack but I do have some things to point out about the ship. First off, the EM torpedo is a PL8 weapon (tech track Q) and shouldn't be found on this ship for 1 or 2 reasons. The first reason is if this is a PL 7 ship and it's PL8, there is a problem. The second reason is the real clincher though, only the Medurr have PL8 access to the Quantum Manipulation field, all others have access to PL7. Also, why a torpedo on a medical ship? I also think you should ditch the ladar and add another 2 units to the multiband radar so this ship has all it's arcs covered. I would probably use the extra hull points from the EM Torpedo to add on a few more PD guns for extra defense. The last thing is this ship is slow and I mean real SLOW. I think you'd be better off combining the 2 engines into 1 engine that take up only 48 hull points (10% raises the speed to 2) and you'd actually have 10 left over hull points to spend on something like a Defense Network (great to shoot down incoming missiles with) or using those points and upgrading the docking clamps to a hanger for a 30 point hanger for medi-shuttles to land in. A final note, is the fire control PC supposed to be Ordinary or was that a misclick and it should infact read amazing?

Over all a good ship, a much better ship then the dreadnought (I won't go into that one). Keep on building ships though as I always like to find another ship building brother out there!

Medical freighter

, rating: - December 26, 2003

A hospital ship would benefit from some dedicated smaller transport vessels (not least because it may be required to collect survivors from damaged ships, or pick up its own medical supplies). These could dock at the docking clamps, provided that there was yet another support ship around to refuel and maintain them.

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