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Alternity Planet Generator

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Starbrat
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This resource adapts the planet generator in the GMG, taking into account the incredible developments in planetary science and discovery of the last five years. The GM can now create all kinds of exotic system types, as well as more conventional ones. First published in Polyhedron UK, Eire and South Africa, issue #8

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Alternity Planet Generator

, rating: 80 January 28, 2001

way cool, what is a Jovian though??

Alternity Planet Generator

, rating: 88 January 28, 2001

It's a great idea to make a more realistic planet generator. Next thing to fix: moon sizes. I simply subtracted 2 from all dice rolls on G63. This still allows some Terran-sized moons, just not in every system.

"Jovian" is Jupiter-like, therefore a gas giant. Except in reference to mass, this is not that good a description of small gas giants - should be Neptunian, or perhaps another class again for small gas giants inside 10AU.

Alternity Planet Generator

, rating: - August 30, 2004

Update- Time and science have moved on, and this system's beginning to show its age. Also, I cobbled together some other systems and ideas for my own use that never saw publication. Therefore, as soon as current commitments allow, the PG will undergo a fundamental overhaul, which will probably see a final divorce from the GMG random system.

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