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Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by seawolf
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: any
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Original Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Species and weapons converted to Alternity. As seen in a Dragon Magazine article (I think)

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User comments [7]

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 80 January 28, 2001

cool, more stuff!

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 99 January 28, 2001

I wish they'd convert all the star Frontiers stuff to alternity.Or even do a book merging the two worlds.

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: - April 19, 2005

Hey, this is my article, Alternate Frontiers, from Dragon Magazine Annual 1998. :-) The funny thing is, I wrote this content from playtest rules of the book, before the game even released. This was written before the black Limited Edition copy even came out. Granted, not much changed in that time, so it was still valid, but I would have did a few minor things different with the final set. i.e. gyrojet pistol actually = sabot instead of rail gun (we converted what we had, and that was pre-sabot). I am going to be running a full-fledged Star Frontiers/Alternity game soon, and I will post my full rules here.

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: - December 08, 2006

I had done my own conversion before I found this article in Dragon. It's well done, and I have adopted most of it for my own Alternity-Star Frontiers setting, but I would have liked to see the Osakar, Humma, Ifshnit, and Mechanon from Zebulon's Guide. I'd also love to see the other Star Frontiers aliens, such as the S'sessu, Zethra, and Zuraqqor. In my campaign, the Eorna, Ul-Mor, Edestekai, and Kurabanda were also PC species. Good work, just wanted more of it!

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 97 December 19, 2006

I use this article as one of my core resources, since I run Alternity in a Star Frontiers setting. Thanks for providing it!

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 100 February 13, 2009

Thanks man, for this resource. It is on point.

Go Alternity, forever! The beauty of this system is convertability of other games, genres, etc.

Star Frontiers to Alternity Conversion

, rating: - March 12, 2010

Hey tsroroc...

How did your full-fledged Star Frontiers/Alternity game go? Can you post your updated conversion rules? I have a bunch of players who are eager to play some of those old SF adventures using the Alternity mechanic.

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