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Alternity Battle System Combat

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Savoy
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The Alternity Battle System Combat Supplement allows you to create fantastic armies on the field of battle! You command troops and heroes in a war against the forces of darkness!
This game is designed primarily to be a miniatures war game, but miniatures are not necessary in order to play. The Alternity Battle System allows you to fight a large-scale battle and gives your Alternity game heroes the chance to become military leaders in your campaign world!

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User comments [6]

Alternity Battle System Combat

, rating: - January 21, 2001

This looks great ! I have to give it a thorough read before I can post any more comments.

Nice work Savoy!

Alternity Battle System Combat

, rating: 80 January 28, 2001

Whoa, lots of pages. Tell me, is it good?? Heh, I played heaps of wargames and stuff, so I will have to read it more later, I read some already, seems cool. Although complex, not sure yet.

Alternity Battle System Combat

, rating: - January 30, 2001

The idea of the first BattleSystem (from which this came) was to present a "basic" set of mass combat melee rules, then add ranged weapons rules in the "intermediate" game, and to complete the rules ("expert" game) to include everything else plus wild effects found only in RPGing. If someone really wanted to learn the rules, and was new to wargaming, they would want to start with the "Introduction and Basic Game Scenario" found in the adventures section. Even though it is a "gamma world" example, by changing a name or two, it could be easily used in any setting including Star*Drive.

Alternity Battle System Combat

, rating: - February 02, 2001

gotta love that customisation!!

Alternity Battle System Combat

, rating: - February 26, 2001

Can't give a rating right now. My acrobat reader is giving me a can't find color space name 'Cs8' so for a images I'm getting black sqaures. any ideas what the problem is?


Alternity Battle System Combat

, rating: - March 01, 2001

Nope... I'm not sure what that would be. If your reader continues to have trouble, email me directly and I'll send you the DOC version.
Take care! Savoy

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