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Mechs from the Machine

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Machine
Setting : any Progress Level: 6
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Here is the update.

I fixed a few typos, there are probably a few more, I was creating mech and I found I had mentioned a skill in paper that I had not mentioned in the skills section, I fixed that also.
Hey If you want a mech sheet I finished the front side on the mech sheet I have been working on.
I submitted half because It is still a real big help, check it out!

view/download 73 Kb rtf

User comments [5]

Mechs from the Machine

, rating: 96 December 28, 2002

I am very impressed with the work that was put into this project. I have been looking at converting some Battletech rules over to the Alternity setting.
I am impressed on how the information was organized as well as having examples of rules. That helps out alot on making sure that it will fit into the settings.
Thank you for taking the time and effort in putting this on this site for others to use.

Mechs from the Machine

, rating: 96 December 29, 2002

This is probably one of the best mech creation systems I've seen so far. It is very thorough and has a great amount of flexibility. It was an almost perfect, saving only the few spelling errors, so, if you get a chance you should probably revise it.

Mechs from the Machine

, rating: - December 30, 2002

Thank you
It is only to bad it took so long, I would like to extend the accessories list later, and well now that you mention it fix the spelling errors you mentioned...
First, I believe I would like to create a sheet for the mech system. I noticed while making mechs there was quite a bit to keep track of. So I think the sheet would really look swell.

Mechs from the Machine

, rating: 90 March 15, 2003

Wow... you saved me a ton of time. This will give one of my players exactly what he's been looking for - bigger badder ways to cause destruction.

only problem - getting mechs into the hold of the ships avalible to him! ;)

Mechs from the Machine

, rating: 92 March 22, 2003

This is very well done, and it's saved me a lot of work. However, it seems that most of the new skills can be covered by already existing skills. For instance, Vehicle Operation-land can cover piloting a mech while the System Operation skills can cover weapons, defense, etc. Admittedly this is more of a Battletech-ish approach and may not adequately represent anime-style mecha. Just something to consider.

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