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Star Wars Alternity

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Savoy
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Something I had on my HD from an Alternity/Star Wars fan's site. The author's name/contact info. is on the cover page. This is an early attempt at creating a Star Wars setting using Alternity Rules.

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Star Wars Alternity

, rating: 65 January 03, 2003

Yup, I had that one a long time ago. I can't say I'm particularly happy though. Especially concerning the fact lightsabers are rated as En/A, and being more powerful than a plasma gun of a starship. I believe the author hadn't used the Alt system much, and never got to know it's odds and ends.

Star Wars Alternity

, rating: - January 04, 2003

I agree... just posting it as a reply to a post. It could act as an idea generator or 'starting place' for someone thinking about doing this, or reworking the d20 title.

Star Wars Alternity

, rating: 51 July 16, 2008

Yeah it needs work. The presentation is nice, apart from missing text columns on the first two pages.
The new Melee skills seem unnecessary, why not just use Powered? Stun and Vibro certainly fit in those and Lightsabres could just have +2 penalty and give "Force" weilders -3 bonus to balance it - all those skill points will be sorely missed.

The fancy weapons are overpowered, ie Lightsabre and Bowcaster (3 shots with one skill check, no penalty and it does G damage per shot). The Stormtroopers armour being "powered" (maybe in the books they are?) and getting a -2 bonus to hit - seems like a lot of dead Heroes.

Star Wars Alternity

, rating: 50 August 10, 2012

Its a good start, but I`m going to be running a SW campaign with alternity rules and i was desperately hoping for the force powers to be included. I think I`ll keep powered weapons, but I`ll have another skill for lightsabers. Then I`ll add a power to help force users use lightsabers better than your average bloke. Stormtroopers never had powered armor, they have nice combat armor with visual enhancements, radio coms, enviornmental controls, and HUD. I`ve never heard of them being super strong or really good shots. Really I think theres alot of work here where there need not be. Call a laser pistol a blaster, call a tri-staff a vibro ax, call a star sword a lightsaber. The system is already balanced for those items in the game so you can add them without unblancing. Balanced, the force must be!

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