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Gamma World Lives

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Jeff_Ibach
Setting : Gamma World Progress Level: any
Rating: 79/100 - 3 comments - 1510 Downloads

Notes from the Gamma World lives seminar at GENCON 2000. How to play many of the creatures as PC races.

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User comments [3]

Gamma World Lives

, rating: 85 January 19, 2001

Looks good. The sections on the relationship of heroes to their society should be especially useful.

Gamma World Lives

, rating: 86 March 24, 2001

Very handy info to have. Thanks

Gamma World Lives

, rating: 66 June 16, 2001

This is good stuff as far as notes go. Is there any chance that the source material it's based on might be made available?

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