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Napoleonic Dark Matter

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: 3
Rating: 66/100 - 5 comments - 1238 Downloads

My new rules to support a Dark Matter sea-tale, set in the 18th century.

This submission contains notes on Virtue and Vice, skill descriptions, a Skills List, Supporting Cast (with Teamwork and Mass Combat mechanics), 18th century warships under Warships rules, and sailing.

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Napoleonic Dark Matter

, rating: - October 11, 2000

Hmm, hope this gets better. Make table BORDER=0 to turn off those table edges (unless you like them). I will re-rate it later.
Bare Knuckle fighting is what? extra tough brawling?
I don't mind this kind of stuff, as long as there is other cool stuff too.

Napoleonic Dark Matter

, rating: - October 13, 2000

Fair comment, I need to add a lot of the text that I've posted to Forums to explain this a bit better. I have found, though, that a complete skill list (not a list of additions) is almost mandatory for running a variant campaign like Dark Matter itself. All credit to Dale Thurber for the original Dark Matter Skill List.

Bare-Knuckle prize fighting represents the small amount of artful training, and large amount of experience that a semi-professional fighter would have over an untrained brawler. In the period, working-class professional fighters were the famous champions, but many well-born gentlemen were notorious for prize-fighting for fun and side wagers.
Counting this as Power MA gives a lot of credit to the 18th-century training regime, but then, perhaps we in the West give too much credit to kickboxing and the like.

Napoleonic Dark Matter

, rating: 70 October 13, 2000

Promising start Uncle Jimbo, but maybe some RP-centered stuff would serve to hook interest faster. I want to feel what this world is like. Keep it coming!

Napoleonic Dark Matter

, rating: 60 November 27, 2000

looks better now

Napoleonic Dark Matter

, rating: 70 May 19, 2002

It need too much work... and maybe you should use different colours for the headlines to make reading easier.

Needs some work and a lot of polishing.

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