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Environment Class

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
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Tables to rate planets according to their environment class, generate system hazards, add further details of alien life and randomly generate colonies based on Environment Class of planets.

Update: Additional results for colonies and minor edits.

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User comments [3]

Environment Class

, rating: - May 19, 2001

Good informaion... helpful for game-playing situations, thanks! for putting this together.

Environment Class

, rating: - May 19, 2001

Thanks, it's probably more of a background tool - just fills a slightly uneasy gap in the campaign-building rules.

Next question: how enticing would the same planets look to a Series IV (sulphur-breathing) lifeform?

Environment Class

, rating: - May 20, 2001

As always, excellent work! This oughtta be a useful resource for those who're currently working on building alien planets and the critters that inhabit 'em. Oh, and good luck with those Series IV creatures... I'm planning on putting some sentient SIV's in my campaign too. ^_^

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