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A no-frills view of articles submitted for the Last Resort magazine by Derek Holland, Malcolm E. Birtwell, Timothy Brock, Shawn Trudeau and Jim Clunie.

update: Credit for ICU-812

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, rating: - July 15, 2015

65 pages of goodies!

The Guillemot light cruiser by Malcolm Birtwell in particular is presented in solid detail - stat tables, isometric images and plan views in rich colour, cross-sections, deck plans.

Thank you for compiling this.


, rating: - January 09, 2016

Nice work Jim, thank you :0)


, rating: 95 January 11, 2016



, rating: 93 January 15, 2016

Yes, the space image of the Guillemot, together with its deck plans, makes a great centrepiece to this rich resource.
Thank you!

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