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Locational Damage

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Kyuran
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This resource reworks the PHB's combat rules by treating every attack as, in effect, a random called shot. Every attack made will not only land on a particular part of the body, but also has a chance of hitting vitals and extremities, potentially causing fatal or debilitating injuries. Yay!

I recommended this resource for any GM that is looking to spice up their combat without making up rules on the fly, or one that wants to run a realistic or gritty campaign.

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User comments [3]

Locational Damage

, rating: 80 June 09, 2009

Not bad, a little complicated (but you already knew that) but it has some interesting things in it. Thanks for sharing it.

Locational Damage

, rating: - June 10, 2009

You're absolutely right. In my opinion this system is a little too time-intensive for anything but play-by-post style games. Thanks for the review.

Locational Damage

, rating: 80 June 12, 2009

i would have made legs more vital then arms. they have some big arteries going through them which, if cut, will kill a man in minutes. but other than that it's fairly good. again the only failing is the multiple rolls. if you could somehow manipulate 1 or 2 rolls into the data you need, that would be better. perhaps multiply by 5 then swap the digits (like in Dark Heresy).

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