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Last Resort #6

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by bri_aitsya
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Rating: 95/100 - 3 comments - 1030 Downloads

Editorial: by Matthew R. Esch, Executive Editor
"Where We Were... Where We're Going"
"The Joy of Minis"

Action Emporium: Artifacts of the Ancients by Derek Holland
Transtangential Technology by Michael Meechan

AlternaDrive: CSV Victory by Ivo Elezović

Home Rule Advantage: A Matter of Some Weight by Mark Peoples
Mutation Enhancements by Derek Holland

Special FX: Power Play by Ryan Kershner

Cook's Guide: Karnath by Montgomery V. Cook IX

Mind's Eye: ESPion by Matthew R. Esch
Telekineticist by Matthew R. Esch

Legion: Monotheists by Jim Clunie

Species Catalogue: Jinthar / Fachan by Malcolm Birtwell

Sword and Staff: Arcanomorphs by Derek Holland

Last Resort Fan Spotlight: Harry "Scratch" Bandoian

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User comments [3]

Last Resort #6

, rating: 100 March 20, 2009

it was a pleasure to read.
The rules for gravity gave me an idea for an adventure.

Last Resort #6

, rating: - March 20, 2009

Wow, thanks, halo2994. Don't forget to add your feedback here:

Last Resort #6

, rating: 90 March 24, 2009

Some good reading material in there. The "Victory" is going to go missing and make an appearance in my campaign.

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