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Apoc's Warships House Rules

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by apoc527
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I'm personally ashamed I've never posted these before. You saw a glimpse of them if you happened to see my Sensor Rules floating around on the forums, but here's the main show. These rules cover both standard wargame Warships and "RPG" Warships. They also convert the Maneuver rules from the GMG to Warships, which I'm not sure anyone else has done yet (though I could be wrong).

***UPDATED 10/28/09***

General update. Some clarifications. Some crossed out stuff I never finished, but hey, you may get some use out of the idea.

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Apoc's Warships House Rules

, rating: 93 January 14, 2009

Some really good ideas here to bring the Warships rules into a form that's usable for RPG sessions and to correct some odd results of sub-rules.

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