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Mechanics for extension of life, covering the Fusion Age to the Far Future.

This update alters the treatment of INT, WIL and PER increases to align more closely to the GMG rules, as mentioned in the comments.

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, rating: 90 November 27, 2003

Well written and very interesting. I like how this aging system is open-ended, which allows for an arbitrarily long lifespan. The system does strike me as somewhat complex, but perhaps this is unavoidable.

Two questions come to mind, at least with regards to mental performance. (1) It looks as if, in general, people who grow older become mental titans. My own experience with elderly people tends to contradict this; not that they're stupid, exactly, but that someone who was of ordinary intelligence in middle age does not become markedly more cerebral upon becoming an octogenarian.

(2) It seems as if, rather than boosting intelligence outright, greater age ought to translate to increased experience, but it looks like this is addressed in the Geezer Factor rules.

Nonetheless, an appreciable amount of thought went into these rules, and they should help GM's dealing with elderly characters.


, rating: 90 February 26, 2006

I'm forced to agree with James's thoughts regarding the increase of intelligence. Perhaps over millennia this might happen as the "adapt or stagnate" dilemma becomes more powerful, but in the timespans we're familiar with people tend to remain themselves, only more so. I could imagine that happening for a few centuries at least.

This might prove very useful to me in the near future- nice work!


, rating: - March 08, 2006

With a couple of years' distance, I think I've written the aging system itself with a lot less explanation and more reading from tables than it deserves. There's a tension between deriving variant aging brackets and applying the system to a specific individual's life events - but maybe that's inevitable when considering the different life paths of individuals over hundreds of years of technological change.

It probably is a bad idea to apply +1 INT/WIL/PER on the Time-Dependent cycle, which starts at 25 years and changes by Extended Lifespan treatments. I do think that game Intelligence (problem-solving ability, general knowledge and the ability to integrate new information) is learnable, which also by the way leads me to the conclusion that it should increase by Progress Level, but I realise from past discussions that this is controversial. Let's say at minimum that this system is out of line with the GMG age-related increases to mental stats and fix that in the next update.


, rating: - January 11, 2009

the problem with looking at real life and how the rules are set out is that they don't take into account how the brain streamlines and gets rid of as much excess bagage as possible, now with better ability to keep a person healthy and regenerate cells streamlining shouldn't be viewed as anything other then an obscene joke

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