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Sixty Bullets: Optional Rules for Actions

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
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Three optional rules: six-second rounds, rolling action checks once per combat and multiple shots per phase with firearms.

Update: Added some situation-specific ideas for carrying firearms and crawling.

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Sixty Bullets: Optional Rules for Actions

, rating: 90 November 23, 2007

Not bad. I particularly like A, since it patches a disconnect I've often had (although I never thought to apply it to the Movement rules). B has the same problem for me as D20's Cyclical Combat: it takes the most chaotic element of a characters life and reduces it to a board game. There are arguments for it, but it just makes it less realistic imo.

C I've never thought about, since neither I nor most of my players bother with the 'hail of fire' combat routine.

Sixty Bullets: Optional Rules for Actions

, rating: - November 23, 2007

Fair comment on cyclic initiative. The particular reason that it came up was in PBEM, where I found interrupting the combat for a new cycle of dice rolling and admin each round was especially intrusive.

It would be ideal if rolling random initiative could somehow be combined with resolving the player's declared action, without reducing to a flurry of conditional actions and arguments. IIRC _Sorcerer_ claims to do this, though from my limited experience with those rules I don't recall any profound difference.

Sixty Bullets: Optional Rules for Actions

, rating: 88 January 08, 2008

Very interesting. The 6 second combat rounds is something that I've been thinking about implementing. I might use your rules. I don't know that I like the cyclical combat round -- one of the cool things about Alternity is the chaotic nature of combat. Of course, I see your comment and cyclical combat makes MUCH more sense when doing PBEM. Around a gaming table, calling for a new action check is relatively unobtrusive.

As for the rapid fire, I go back and forth on this. I have my own set of house rules regarding Double-Shot and a new ability called Multi-shot (similar to yours in name only). Essentially, Double Shot is unchanged while Multishot lets you fire up to the 3 or 4 shots, all with increasing penalty. Even under 3 second phases, this works out ok in my opinion. The fastest I've seen someone shoot accurately is 6 bullets in 3 seconds, but that's in a hyper-controlled competition. 1-2 bullets per second in combat is probably fair. I'd allow someone to fire even faster, but their chances of hitting anything would be extremely poor.

Anyway, good resource, I like it.

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