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Last Resort #5 High Resolution

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by bri_aitsya
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The 5th issue of The Last Resort, Hi-Resolution.

83 pages

Table of Contents

Changing Lives, Shifting Priorities by Matthew R Esch
Castaways: Arms & Equipment Guide by Jonathan McMonigle
Verge Runner Volume One by Jake "Apoc527" Bernstein
Verge Runner Volume Two: The Vergetech Editions by Jake "Apoc527" Bernstein
The Elsa by Kevin Loughran
Cook's Guide Special: The Liquid Sky III by Mike Meechan & Matthew R. Esch
Cook's Guide Special: The Kreen by Matthew R. Esch
Kixil Station by Montgomery V. Cook IX
Cook's Guide Special: Tour of the Kai System by Mike Meechan & Matthew R. Esch
Shamans by Jim Clunie
Order of the Many Horned Viper by Ryan Kershner
Biowarrior SCM by Matthew R. Esch
Caprisaurian by DJ Brown
Cephalazoid by Jim Clunie
Tangentscape by Dragan Ciric
The Awakening by Dragan Ciric
Manisola by Jim Clunie
Matthew R. Esch Interview conducted by LR Staff

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User comments [9]

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: 96 July 26, 2006

Looks very good. I like the stories the best, but it is put together well enough to use as a resource. The references back to and other projects there are a very good idea. Keep up the good work!

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: 95 July 26, 2006

Yep, this is some finger-licking stuff. Excellent content FABULOUS pictures, just the material a GM needs and easy to implement in any campaign. I especially liked the AlternaDrive and Cook's guide contents, just brilliant. My only hope is that the next time you'd use Foundry for robot creation rules. ;)

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: - July 27, 2006

time: Thanks, man. We're all in this together, brother, and the community is what keeps the game going. Great RPG's thrive best when new ideas are shot in.

therion: If only we HAD Foundry then! It's a shame's down, or else I'd point you to my very negative review of Dataware I wrote way back when. Perhaps when I get a lot of that mythical free time, I'll make the conversion. I know where I'm turning for the NEXT robot(s) I make!

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: 98 July 27, 2006

After going over the whole issue with multiple fine-toothed combs (and a toothbrush), I must say - I can't find a single thing I don't like about it. It's great to see so much art in one issue (although as Derek said, more creature art would be good, but that's probably the hardest art to do).

Particular favourites were the Tangentscape setting (having played it myself), the Order of the Many-Horned Viper, JSM's Castaways material (looking forward to more StarCraft stuff!), and the whole Liquid Sky 3 section - superb detail.

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: - July 30, 2006

Thanks, Vel.

Creature art is tough to come by, indeed, and the creatures themselves were pretty tough to come by as well! I'm sure the authors appreciate the commentary, especially considering that it came from such a discerning source. ;^)

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: 99 August 02, 2006

To adress a couple comments, the robots from the Kixil Station segment were created a long time ago.
I don't know what "Foundry" even IS, but if it means goodbye to Dataware for robot creation, I'm all for it.

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: - August 05, 2006

Foundry is 'advertized' in LR5 (last but not least page!) complete with hyperlinks to the forum thread and the direct download link. Here's their announcement:

Site News: Foundry Sourcebook complete
therion has completed the final editing on a massive sourcebook for Alternity.

Foundry: A Guide to Robots, Androids and Automatons is an alternative robot creation system to that which Dataware provides, with the goal of completely superseding Dataware on robot creation rules. Dataware chapters concerning Grid, programs and AIs are not within Foundry's scope.

Foundry is a heavy fusion of Dataware's concepts, Warships mechanics and good will. It tries to provide a ground set of rules for creation of all robots, not just playable/heroes, similar to the Warships efforts to set a standard for all spaceship design.

Foundry is a 50000+ word 60 page netbook, as massive as it gets. It is quite usable to create any robot you can imagine.

Read more at the forum topic or download the Foundry PDF here (4.2meg)

July 21, 2006

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: 100 August 15, 2006

Love it. Better than the last, as usual... more and more resources and ideas to incorporate into my games. Thanks!

Last Resort #5 High Resolution

, rating: - August 26, 2006

Wow, thanks, JamesP!

We're already working on the next one...

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