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The Ereban Working

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Kngdavid01
Setting : any Progress Level: 7
Rating: 87/100 - 4 comments - 578 Downloads

Lovecraftian Technomagic to tear asunder any PL7 campaign setting!
(My personal contribution to Alternity Game Day!)

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The Ereban Working

, rating: 85 March 05, 2006

A perfect example of why we don't mix Lovecraft with sci-fi. Every hero I've seen in my games wouldn't stand a chance against these things. They're just too weird and powerful.

I love it.


The Ereban Working

, rating: - March 06, 2006

These creatures are meant to be disruptive; They defy the puny laws of our physical universe. The only laws they need to obey are those of game balance, so I may scale them back if other complain about the same thing. Technomagic adds a new, exciting dimension to sci-fi beyond just the latest gadget.

The Ereban Working

, rating: 90 March 09, 2006

It's an interesting high-powered concept, something like the Servitors in Whispering Vault. To me some of Lovecraft's more science-fictional work indeed has a similar feel to this.

I think you've justified well the odd mechanics of the skill and provided a useful background that could fit into a variety of settings as a new direction for a campaign. You've got a set of good descriptions for the simple, feeble-minded but physically aberrant lifeforms of Alterrealm.

The Ereban Working

, rating: 87 July 30, 2006

A quick glance and I can see incorporating this into a PL7 HPL game. I liked enough of what I saw to save it to my hard drive!

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