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d20 to Alternity Conversion

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
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Rating: 95/100 - 5 comments - 3109 Downloads

These notes convert core d20 (based on the d20 SRD and d20 Modern SRD) to core Alternity (based on the Players' Handbook and Game Master's Guide, plus Beyond Science). No other supplements, and a bare minimum of additional or homebrewed Alternity rules are proposed for use.

A minor update adds notes for Swim speeds and Leadership scores.

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User comments [5]

d20 to Alternity Conversion

, rating: - May 19, 2002

WOW... thanks for all the effort that obviously went into this! I've been hoping to see this collection for some time. Excellent.

d20 to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 95 August 28, 2004

This is an excellent resource, and represents a lot of thought. I wish I had seen it sooner!

d20 to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 90 August 30, 2004

Very well thought out, Jimbo. Tragically, I never really got the hang of d20 so I can't make a very qualified critique, but I think this document will prove extremely useful.

d20 to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 98 December 08, 2006

A solid resource, and very much needed. One that will see a lot of use, judging by the number of times it's been downloaded. Good work.

d20 to Alternity Conversion

, rating: 98 September 04, 2012

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