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Last Resort Issue 4

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by dblade
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Howdy Alternity Folk
Issue 4 is here!

A big thanks to SR Trudeau who took over the layout duties for this issue. And another big thanks to Bri-aitsya who took over the editorial duties and made sure this one saw the light of day. And what did I do? Well, you know. I, uh, uploaded the file here. I was busy! I swear!

Enjoy the issue!

Daryl "Lazy Magazine Monkey" Blasi

Issue 4 articles...

SpecialFX: Living Spells by Derek Holland
Magic Mutants by Derek Holland
One Stat, Many Monsters by Derek Holland
Orbitals by Shadow Priest
Cyber Shop: The Cyber Advantage by SR Trudeau
Cookââ¬â¢s Guide: Grith and the Corrivale System by Montgomery Cook IX
Future Shock: The Teseract by Dwayne L. Leonard
Legion: Concord Marines by Glen Eidson and Duane Eggert
Legion: The Next Men by Dwayne L. Leonard
Home Rule Advantage: Itââ¬â¢s All About Skill by Duane Eggert
Soulmechs by Dragan Ciric
Tangents: Ki by Dwayne L. Leonard
Dark Matter Adventure: Cut Stone by Jim Clunie
Minds Eye: Biokineticist by Matthew R. Esch
Legion Special: Yloisan Targ by Matthew R. Esch
Alternity Fan Spotlight: Paladin

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User comments [21]

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 97 August 04, 2005

No ratings or comments yet? Well I will start. Awesome effort people, really love the whole package.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - August 05, 2005

Thanks, Terro!
Anyone else? Or should we quit while we're ahead?

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 95 August 06, 2005

I thought some of the images were a little fuzzy, but otherwise, hey, good job guys! I haven't gone over the magazine with a fine-toothed comb yet, but what I've seen skimming it was very good.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - August 06, 2005

Thanks, Kwyndig. After you do go through it with that fine-toothed comb, let us know what you think, will you please?

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 90 August 07, 2005

I've been viewing this site and your mag for some time now. I've had several biokineticists in my games so I felt that I should let you know that I think it is a great issue. I've been playing and writting games since Alternity's release and this is by far the best site for resources and creative ideas like what I've found in Last Resort.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 96 August 07, 2005

Another triumph sirs, another triumph. I even liked the bits I don't use.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - August 15, 2005

Ainlanzer & SB:
Thanks, guys. We appreciate the commentary & the high marks. This helps us to keep going, and I think maybe, just maybe we might do LR5... ;^)

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 90 August 16, 2005

A big issue with a lot of good stuff :) It has two faults in my opinion though. First off I think most of the things are too setting-specific. It's natural, but it means that I for one won't use much of it. The second is that the character sheet for that Ghardyi seems misplaced, it has no additional information and is very hard to read. But it's still a lot of nice work guys :) And I'll keep it and probably find a use for most of it eventually.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - August 20, 2005

Estag_UVM: Targ was a challenge to layout, given the means by which I created him, using a custion blank sheet. I will not likely use that template again, and thanks for the feedback.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 95 August 21, 2005

Good work, I don't usually like netbooks (or whatever you want to call it), because they're to full of crunch, with no fluff. The LRs have always been good, and this one doesn't dissapoint.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 90 August 22, 2005

Over all the issue has great content. My problem is that the editing and technical aspects needed more work. There were a bunch of grammar and spelling errors, which seemed pretty obvious to me. To repeat the above comment, the character sheet is almost unreadable. Good stuff is the "Cut Stone" adventure, very well done and professional. Home rule advantage is also a great article which I had never really considdered! Over all presentation of the magazine is professional and crisp as always. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 89 August 29, 2005

Job well done! I do love the Ki (tangent) -part. Keep up the good work.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 84 August 29, 2005

I like the mag. It's well done, although the editing needs a lot of work. I found some problems in that regard, but then again I am an amateur author and student of languages. I agree with Delthos; overall, great content. Keep up the good work, and keep improving.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - September 02, 2005

Mechrane: Thank you. Hope you will enjoy LR5

Delthos: I hear you, loud and clear on this, and I accept responsibility, since I was Acting Editor in Chief. I think you will be pleased to know that for LR5, we're taking the issue of editing very seriously, and have established a peer-review system that should put human eyes other than the writer's on the piece.

myrpg: I'm sure Dwayne would like to read that feedback. ;^)

PRGRM: Ditto my response to Delthos. ;^)

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 95 September 06, 2005

I really enjoyed the Article about the Concord Marines by Glen Eidson and Duane Eggert. I would like to see the same concept applied to Sailors in the Stellar Navy.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 98 September 07, 2005

Huge fan, keep it up. Great work on the Orbitals, SP, that's a great write-up.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 99 October 08, 2005

Hey Guys,

Great work! That is the only thing I can say, for all other things would do you no adequate credit... Great work!!! Keep it up that way!

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - November 13, 2005

Gah! I've been trying to download it, but the file is corrupted. Please fix it! Thanks :)

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: - December 20, 2005

The file is definately not corrupted.

Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 95 March 21, 2006

Time: thanks for the kudos. I'll pass that along to Duane. I've thought about doing something similar for Star Force, but it doesn't lend itself to the task as well as the marines do. There are so many jobs necessary in any fleet that I'm afraid I wouldn't do them justice. is an idea. Perhaps Duane and I can come up with something that will work.


Last Resort Issue 4

, rating: 95 July 25, 2006

Great work, can't wait to see LR5 and what else you have planned in the future!

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