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Defeated Stellar Nation Benefits

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Guardian
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Defeated Stellar Nation Benefits

, rating: 94 June 24, 2005

This is a very useful extension to both the history and character options of Star*Drive. I would have gone a different way with Utopia Now!, and the OGAM history conflicts slightly with the Profit Nations sourcebook, but both are nicely done. Any thoughts on the constituent nations of the Orion League (Nordic Independent State, Free Kyrene Society and New Columbia)?

Defeated Stellar Nation Benefits

, rating: - June 25, 2005

Utopia Now was actually the first one I did, lo those many, many years ago. I like the fact that they have a "perfecting the rules" attitude rather than the millenialist attitude more common in ideal societies. OGAM comes from the fact that much of the Far Reach lacks readily colonizable Class 1 worlds (unlike the Verge) and I needed somebody to build all the habitat domes. The location of the various nations is pretty much fixed by the subtext in the Thuldan entries. SothVec, Taurean SR, Sultanate and Anarchists all went down fast, which means they bordered the Thuldans, so they're in the Taurean vector. Middle Kingdom and Chrysanthemum Imperium are the only two strongly nationalistic/socially organized nations given, so only the Empire would have the resources to take them out. Note that their presence in the Capricorn and Sagittarius vectors means the Hatire didn't span from the Rim to the Core until after the war. OGAM also slots into this region since I already had them active in the Reach. This leaves Concord Prime as the home vector for the Pioneer Coprosperity Sphere, the Delavan Autonomous Region, the Leodals and Utopia Now (who thus picked up a logical culture based dispute).

I haven't really looked at the preOrion nations, although New Columbia was lightly touched on for one of the Verge systems. Nordics are pretty obviously a Scandinavian culture type (space Vikings?), New Columbia is probably North American (Canada?), but I have no idea what a Kyrene is. Maybe I'll see what I can generate for those three and the others I didn't post (SothVec history would be nice).

Defeated Stellar Nation Benefits

, rating: - June 25, 2005

I pictured the Nordic Independent State as modern Scandinavian politics taken a bit further. I wrote up a Concord Sagittarius colony earlier (now mostly lost - hackers are scum) where the Nordics merged with ex-Thuldans and independent mechalus to create an odd and slightly disturbing little semi-fascist enclave.

New Columbia could have been a breakaway region of the US taking in, say, Oregon to Montana plus Vancouver, or just a widespread dissident movement from that area. The Star*Drive canon doesn't give many details about PL 6 Earth history.

Defeated Stellar Nation Benefits

, rating: 92 June 30, 2005

Nice, Guardian. What are your thouights on including elements of your work into the future volumes of the Stellar Ring Netbook?

Defeated Stellar Nation Benefits

, rating: - July 05, 2006

As for "Any thoughts on the constituent nations of the Orion League (Nordic Independent State, Free Kyrene Society and New Columbia)?"
It is in the Orion League portion of the next Stellar ring netbook.

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