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Realism Resource

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Kyuran
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This is a total overhaul of the damage system as presented in the Alternity PHB and GMG, designed with the intention of making your Alternity much, much more deadly to all involved. Tables have been made for firearms, 'modern' melee weapons (household items etc.), bladed weapons, projectile explosives and 'heavier' explosives. New optional rule revisions have been made regarding weapon damage, automatic fire, projectile explosives and more.

Update 12/1/04: Turns out most of the guns were underpowered, so I've fixed them. Most/all weapons now do more damage than before, particularly in the "Good" damage range, making them more lethal than ever and hopefully more correct. I'll be fixing up the explosives in the near future I hope, as long as I don't have to overhaul the entire durability system for tanks and such - right now the anti-tank weapons still come off as underpowered.

Update 12/12/04: Ranges of the rifles and machineguns have been increased greatly, and the classifications for some light machineguns (skill-wise) have been changed to allow greater versatility. I put in a handy note regarding the production of 'eastern' swords using the bladed weapons table, since there are some obvious problems with it. Another update to come soon to fix the pretty crappy autofire rules I have right now.

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User comments [6]

Realism Resource

, rating: 80 September 24, 2004

I have just had a quick look thru the material and I am impressed by the substance. And the idéa of making a realistic system is also a good cause. So my Good arting is preliminary and will be followed by more studies of your work. Good!

Realism Resource

, rating: - September 24, 2004

Rating not arting. Sorry!

Realism Resource

, rating: 85 December 01, 2004

Well done, this is a quality supplement. Though my rating is based on format and not content. I enjoy that Alternity feels like a movie, not surprising since its rules were designed for just that. If reality is what you’re about then more power to you, but there are some really good realistic games out there designed to emulate deadly gritty reality that you might find more suited to you’re tastes.

Realism Resource

, rating: - February 27, 2005

Another update is on the way, with a little extra stuff for the rifles and a change or two to balance out the submachineguns and rocket launchers. I think we'll be going PDF too, just for that little extra moxy. Moxious!

Realism Resource

, rating: - July 26, 2006

I really have to work on the blades section again. Especially the weights are way (or rather, weigh!) off.

Realism Resource

, rating: 98 November 07, 2007

Oh Yeah, now you're talking. This puppy's gettin' a workout in my modern game... Heh heh.

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