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Exploration Rules

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by lordkrath
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This sheet is something I cooked up after I ran an exploration game a few years back. It was great, but some basic guidelines needed to be drawn.

As far as First Contact, we didn't do much of it, so the rules are a little basic.


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Exploration Rules

, rating: 84 December 07, 2004


The First Contact section looks useful, actually.

Have you read "Outbound" or "GURPS Traveller: First In"?

Exploration Rules

, rating: - December 08, 2004

Actually, I just browsed Outbound. These rules are more toward colonization and setting up routes rather than explore, more on. If Outbound had that in there, I missed it completely.

I've never read any GURPS books.

Exploration Rules

, rating: 86 December 09, 2004

Well thought thru. Plain but usefull.

And I also think you should look at at least the GURPS Traveller: First In. Why invent the wheel a second time?

I think Alternity is the one RPG most suitfull for Space- and Sci-fi roleplaying. But GURPS has the advantage of being thought thru by so many more people during a much longer time. Take the best - give the rest to the pigs.

Very nice!

Exploration Rules

, rating: 90 April 19, 2005

This will be nice as a handout to my players in our game we are starting in a few weeks. I am running the Star Frontiers: Crash on Volturnus series, but converted into Alternity rules using my Dragon Magazine Annual 1998 article rules. Most of this stuff makes common sense, but I don't know if my players would have thought of systematically doing some of the stuff, and when they are on a planet after they crashed, priorities will change. I think I will format this in some kind of "official" looking document for a handout. Very nice! Now I don't have to do the work!

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