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Dark Matter case file codes explanation

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by TerroX
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: 5
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Please familiarize yourself with the following code key. OSIRS uses this system for all case reports. The first seven alphanumeric characters describe the security clearance required to read the file, the status of the case, which division filed the report, the nature or purpose of the report, what the report focuses on, the phenomenon described in the report itself, and the source of the report.

A sample case file number is given below, as an illustration of proper coding. The file in question is available to Hoffmann Institute agents with Gamma clearance or above, and applies to an open case. The report was filed by the Analytical Division and summarizes a background check of evidence relating to a hoax which has been determined to be arcane in nature (in this case, counterfeit religious relics).

Sample Case File GO-35E32-11217

by WotC, originally posted on the Dark Matter portal

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Dark Matter case file codes explanation

, rating: 89 July 11, 2004

Really cool, and those with access to high-quality color printers can make the most of this resource. A D.M GM can really do up player handouts quite nicely, using this guideline.

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