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Homemade Graphpaper

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Kzinwarrior
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Rating: 76/100 - 3 comments - 754 Downloads

Bundled up my homemade hex, square, sector and triangle graph paper into a pdf document. Enjoy.

view/download 26.4 Kb pdf

User comments [3]

Homemade Graphpaper

, rating: 75 December 09, 2003

good size for bitmap images repeated. I thought it would be larger :-)

Homemade Graphpaper

, rating: 75 December 09, 2003

Nice man. That is a lot of different types and sizes.


Homemade Graphpaper

, rating: 80 December 09, 2003

Of the 9 pages available only one (page 4)looked "grainy", but it should serve most folks' purposes well. No idea as of now how they'll print, as I'm away from my printer of choice for these sorts of things... ;^)

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