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Submitted by Archer on February 03, 2001
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Combatcards, small sheets with only need to know info for those thugs or other characters that the players surley will not have a friendly interactionw with.

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, rating: 85 February 04, 2001

I like these! They could proove to be quite usefull.. Having four on a page is also quite handy.

Good job!


, rating: 82 February 04, 2001

Useful; very useful. Just the thing for keeping one's mooks organised. A line or two on the bottom for little notes might be a good idea, but one can always write on the back. Good job.


, rating: 89 February 05, 2001

These are perfect! Good way to keep track of players as well as baddies...
I will deffinately use these.


, rating: 86 February 05, 2001

I like the way you've laid these out... very clear and clean looking! Excellent job, can't wait to give them a try!


, rating: 80 February 06, 2001

Yeah it's good!


, rating: 90 December 21, 2001

Man, I love this site. All this free, GREAT GM stuff :)


, rating: - December 22, 2001

Nice, these make the game a little faster for my ultra-fast, blazing encounters in my XXxxXX HARCORE XXxxXX campaign!


, rating: 85 December 22, 2001

That's HARDCORE not HARCORE in the last post, yeah just clarifying. Yeah, I can't spell, sue me... I'm so HARDCORE that I don't CARE!


, rating: 90 July 07, 2008

Looks good, going to use them tomorrow night. Glad I found this so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.


, rating: 90 April 04, 2010

Nice work.

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