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Perth branch office

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by auswegian
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: 5
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The guide to the brand-new branch office of the Hoffman Institute in Perth, Western Australia.

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User comments [3]

Perth branch office

, rating: - February 15, 2003

Cool. Is this a leftover from the infamous Dark Times World Book?

Perth branch office

, rating: 85 August 05, 2006

I thought this was well thought out and it will provide a good basis for me to develop new branch offices around the world. Perhaps some real world sites near here could have been a useful addition (besides just a mention of a few locations), but nothing I can't do on my own through a google search. Overall, good job.

Perth branch office

, rating: 80 August 23, 2008

What, no zombie virus being worked on at Curtin University of Technology? Not bad, but a little more interaction with the local scenery and buildings might have been good to read up on. The London Court shopping alley as a front for Knights Templar activities, to pull something out of the air.

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