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Robot Tech Chart

Submitted by leptonica on January 20, 2001
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This is the robot tech/progress level chart from Action Check Issue 8. It is a full page pdf file.

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Robot Tech Chart

, rating: 86 January 21, 2001

This thing is cool, I like the idea of robots as an elemental force and also possibly psionic. Gives me some wacky ideas.

Robot Tech Chart

, rating: - January 21, 2001

Thanks for the comment. Most RPGs have the endpoint of robotic evolution as the point in which the robot becomes equivalent to man (or the perfect man). But to my way of thinking, at those higher tech levels, man will have become something else as well...something beyond my feeble imagination.

So...I had to think of those things that we currently consider 'beyond man', and allow for the possibility that robots might eventually fill that niche.

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