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A First Look reprint

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This reprint comes from Dragon #231 (Jan 1997) and was originally written by Bill Slavicsek & Richard Baker.

Based on the content/text it is probably the earliest mention of Alternity in Dragon Magazine, or anywhere (outside of TSR). This is mainly a nostalgic read, and offers nothing more than a look at the view held by Alternity's two foremost creators at the time of its inception. Of course, this pre-dates d20 and some terminology changed by the final release, but it is included for the sake of those who want to know "where it started".

Edit: This update adopts the 3-column magazine format and logo (which later appeared on the Limited Preview Edition of the Players Handbook) of the original.


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A First Look reprint

, rating: 90 November 25, 2002

High hopes indeed! I'm glad that the term "Rulesmaster" was dropped though.

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