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Rules Cheat Sheet

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Jeff_Ibach
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All the most-used Alternity combat rules on a single page color handout to aid play of old timers and newbies alike.

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User comments [6]

Rules Cheat Sheet

, rating: 96 January 20, 2001

A Life saver!!
now i dont have to give my GM screen the evil eye, now i got this...hehehee..this made my day complete.

Rules Cheat Sheet

, rating: - January 20, 2001

I have to agree with Rockford here, a real goodie!!

We'll be using this!

Rules Cheat Sheet

, rating: 90 January 21, 2001

Clear, concise and useful, I wish more resources were put together with as much thought for how realistically easy they are to use.
Good, appropriate use of color. I put a copy in a sheet protector and included it in my campaign binder.
If it's something I use, and I will use this, then it gets my vote.

Rules Cheat Sheet

, rating: 87 January 23, 2001

Pretty cool!

Rules Cheat Sheet

, rating: 96 January 27, 2001

I already had a copy of this from Action Check but it's an invaluable bit of kit. Every home should have one.

Rules Cheat Sheet

, rating: 95 June 25, 2008


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