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Form Fillable Sheet

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by kylehood85
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Form Fillable Sheet

, rating: - September 05, 2014

I think there is already one of these on the site?

Form Fillable Sheet

, rating: 40 September 05, 2014

The skills section is pretty much unusable if you want to fill it out and then print it out. Most of the skills are using to large a font size for the ratings and you can't view them. A few of them are using a smaller font size that fits in the boxes. It's quite random so I'm not going to bother finding each skill and listing it here.

Form Fillable Sheet

, rating: 70 September 08, 2014

It shouldn't take excessive time or thought to test font size for each field. I don't know how fiddly it is to fix them. At the same time it would be good to have ability scores and so on as page 1. I think an updateable sheet is a useful tool for almost any game.

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