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Alternity Hero Record Sheet 3rd Revision - color

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by dalexgray
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Thank you all for your comments. Your nit-picking has made this character sheet something I'm really proud of. This release has:
⢠All pages portrait, more room for skills, nothing dropped!
⢠All skills from PHB, all Psionics from Mindwalking: Guide to Psionics, core FX for Diabolism, Enochin, Hermetic, Monotheism, Shamanism, and Voodoo
⢠New san-seif fonts that look more futuristic! Headers in Slider (the Mass Effect font) and smaller stuff in Gill Sans.
⢠Full page width for weapon data, get it all in without cramped scribbles!
⢠Requested cosmetic changes
⢠Tagged the main sheet with to let all players know where to go ;)

The story behind these sheets: This summer I decided to print character sheets on card stock to avoid my players tearing holes in their sheets after a few sessions. Since I had already committed myself to paying for professional printing, I thought, why not make some really stunning sheets? These are the result. A two sided page with all the core material and a supplemental page for Psionics, Mutations, Cyberware, Dataware, and FX. I use some home brew rules for hacking in my games, but they shouldn't get in your way!

If you see misspellings or some way things could be done better, please comment and I'll make an update!

7/22/10 - changed the cyan color to a friendlier C=85 M=50 Y=0 K=0
7/24/10 - corrected font sizes on supplemental page.
7/30/10 - Spelling correction, Social Status now broken into Authority, Wealth, and Fame

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User comments [3]

Alternity Hero Record Sheet 3rd Revision - color

, rating: 100 July 20, 2010

Awesome. This is perfect. :)

Alternity Hero Record Sheet 3rd Revision - color

, rating: 95 July 22, 2010

Nice work!! -5% for the color scheme, possibly hard on my aged eyes...LOL!

Alternity Hero Record Sheet 3rd Revision - color

, rating: - July 22, 2010

MindX, I took a look at this PDF from another device and was blown away by how unreadable the cyan color was. I'm really not sure why my computer rendered it so easy on the eyes. I've submitted a revised version with a more comfortable color in place of the cyan.

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