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Hero Record Sheet

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by dalexgray
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Hero Record Sheet and Supplemental Hero Sheet in a bold, clean style with vibrant, eye-catching colors

This summer I decided to print character sheets on card stock since I wanted sheets for my players that would hold up to multiple erasures. In previous campaigns my players would have to transfer their heroes' data from sheet to sheet every few sessions. Since I was going to shell out at a copy shop for nice quality printing on card stock, I figured that I might as well make the character sheets visually impressive. I made these in Adobe Illustrator doing my best to imitate a "Disney Tomorrow Land," "the Future is WOW!" graphic style.
On the supplemental sheet under Computer, I have included space for some home-brew hacking rules using NetRunner cards that I use in my campaigns. There is no space for magic now, I'll have to make a supplemental sheet for FX.
The PDF has editing capabilities preserved incase you want to make changes to suit your campaign. I print these on 90lb. card stock at FedEx Office for about $2.00 per double-sided color page.

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Hero Record Sheet

, rating: - June 12, 2010

Looks very good. The slightly chunky and posterised style seems to fit well with the medium.

I see a couple of advantages to listing all the standard skills, even if the player doesn't currently have ranks in them, maybe with just one "Untrained" set of task scores next to each ability score heading.

Hero Record Sheet

, rating: - June 12, 2010

Having all the skills definitely is a bonus. Giving space to list "Untrained" scores is a great idea, I'll definitely put that in my next version of these sheets.
I have one version of the skill sheet with the Dark•Matter skills listed on it, but I had to squeeze down the lines and even omit a few skills to make them all fit.
Maybe I can work out some way to get all the skills in and leave space for a few more, maybe by turning the page 90º...

Hero Record Sheet

, rating: 95 June 18, 2010

Yippeee!!! Looks really cool and quite readable. Love all those colours.
I really think you could dedicate a little more space to
Strenght and Dexterity skills. And of "cybergear installed" too.

If you want to list all the skills, you'll proably need to dedicate a full new page to them.

Hero Record Sheet

, rating: - June 28, 2010

I've uploaded a new and improved version of the character sheet. Thank you for your suggestions!

Hero Record Sheet

, rating: 94 June 28, 2010

I like it - a very neat solution.

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