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Fel's Scenery

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Fel_Edge
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These are some pics I've gathered over the years that I've used in my RL games. I don't know where they are from or the artists, but none the less I thought you may be able to get some use out of them, maybe give you a few ideas. Enjoy!

Thanks to TerroX and Velocity_Boost for helping me out getting this thing into a PDF and uploaded!

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User comments [4]

Fel's Scenery

, rating: 95 November 03, 2008

A very useful resource and nicely put together. I have a similar lot of pics I use to give my players a feel for the scene they are in. Maybe I'll do the same one of these days. Cheers, BSR :o)

Fel's Scenery

, rating: 90 November 03, 2008

These are a good resource for getting an atmosphere across. Nicely done!

Fel's Scenery

, rating: 90 November 03, 2008

Beautiful artwork! Some of those pieces are just breathtaking, and I can easily imagine a game use for most of them!

Fel's Scenery

, rating: 89 December 07, 2008

Great imagery and scenery, and I can help but to look upon them and have ideas and story spring to mind, an Index would have been nice.

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