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Alternity Dice Probabilities

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Kisuke Urahara
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This is a one-page Excel summary of the step bonuses/penalties and their associated probabilities. Simply find the desired target number on the appropriate chart to see how many combinations will produce that result and the pecentage chance of hitting the target number or below. Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole integer.

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User comments [2]

Alternity Dice Probabilities

, rating: 76 December 20, 2007

Mathematically it is sound work... but in actual use it is somewhat inaccurate. Useful as a general guide for what can be expected.

I would have given it more, but I an having trouble finding a real use for it.

Thanks for the work you did on it though.

Alternity Dice Probabilities

, rating: 80 February 20, 2008

I assume these are cumulative probabilities, right? As in, the possibility of getting that number or lower?

Pretty good job. :)

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