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One Page Hero Sheet (DM)

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by TerroX
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: any
Rating: ?/100 - 0 comments - 845 Downloads

Darkâ¢Matter Hero Record Sheet in Open Office format. I created this in Open Office to see if the program was capable of making a complex layout, there is a <a href="">PDF version</a> in the forum with notes on what everything means if you get confused.

All skills are listed, with costs and profession code and page references.
Page references for most sections are listed.
Sections available are weapons, items, transport, contacts, biography, achievement track,action check, cash, social status, perks & flaws, untrained scores, res mods, encumbrance....
Lines and unimportant text is yellow, so you can write over the top of it.

All the usual things you find on a two-pager, crammed into one page!
The only things which are not here is FX, Psionics, Computer programs, mutations, cyberware - all the rare stuff.
Note: There is a second page intended for printing on the reverse, just for notes, contacts, etc.

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