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Condo Floorplans

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Kzinwarrior
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Collected and bundled from the website mentioned in the "Apt/condo Floorplans" thread.

Very high quality PDF suitable for printing.


view/download 6189.2 Kb pdf

User comments [6]

Condo Floorplans

, rating: 80 March 17, 2007

Very useful K, you saved me a lot of work there!

Condo Floorplans

, rating: - March 17, 2007

Not as much work as you might think. It took roughly 30 minutes to collect the images, but only 30 seconds to make the PDF. Photoshop can run batches of photos into PDF automatically, with each page sized to match the image. I love technology (sometimes).


Condo Floorplans

, rating: 85 April 23, 2008

Quite interesting, it would be useful

Condo Floorplans

, rating: 89 June 25, 2008

Wow, I want to rush out, have a firefight right now in some bedroom, and get blood on their sophisticated furniture. On a down side, way too many floor plans to have without some sort of index and description to organized them and tell them apart.

Condo Floorplans

, rating: 85 March 26, 2009

Not bad, can use these for living quarters within a space station or ship, though all the furniture is the same for each room.

Condo Floorplans

, rating: - March 03, 2010

I've recently been thinking about transforming these floor plans into texture tiles for use with Paint, Photoshop or "dungeon builder" software. If you craft each room as a square or rectangular tile (4x4, 4x8, etc.) it could work.



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