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Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Egor
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: 5
Rating: 96/100 - 7 comments - 990 Downloads

This sheet can be used to record characters missions and their performance. The goal was to create official looking sheet with enough space to write a detailed description of the mission. When mission is over I give players the opportunity to write a report like their characters would write for their supervisors. Depending the quality of the report I grant 1-2 (maybe even 3 but this would require appendix maps, "photographs" or similar extra devotion) extra Achievement Points for the contributing character. I also allow players to write reports retroactively.
These reports are also a nice way to recollect old adventures and character progression. Old finished reports could also be used to create new plots and adventure ideas from the characters past missions.
I have made different version of the sheet for different security levels. This is the general version without any "secrecy stamps", all versions come available sometime in the future when .zip uploading comes possible. Please notice that you can print the second page many times to create multi-page report if necessary.

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User comments [7]

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 100 April 17, 2006

That's really nifty. It gives off a great "official document" kind of vibe.

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 100 May 13, 2006

Perfect! An evil GM would have his players do their 'paperwork' for AP bonuses... IF it's done correctly.

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 100 May 16, 2006

A very simple yet helpful and flavorful resource. thanks!

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 100 August 05, 2006

Very good document.

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 100 August 25, 2008

Very nice. If I run a DM campaign those are going down on the table straight away.

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 100 November 25, 2008

Very Nice. Adds to the feel.

Hoffmann Institute Mission Report (General)

, rating: 70 July 16, 2009

It's okay.

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